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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy”, member of the Supervisory Board of “KhBU”, Honored Builder of Ukraine – Nikolay Gavrilovich Shevyakin.

Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” was founded in 1968. Since 1997 Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” is included in the list of companies that are of strategic importance to the economy and national security.

Underground construction is one of the most promising trends in the construction industry. In large cities, a problem of shortage of land becomes more urgent. In such circumstances, construction of collector tunnels, passing at a considerable depth from the surface in areas of dense residential and industrial construction, allows resolution of development prospects and urban environmental issues at a qualitatively new level.

The main activities of the Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” are:

1. Construction of subways:

  • Construction of tunnels under rivers in complex hydrogeological conditions with comprehensive use of specific types of works (dewatering, freezing and caisson);
  • Construction of shallow tunnels in complex hydrogeological conditions under industrial enterprises of cities with high-rise buildings without interrupting their work;

2. Construction of underpasses and road tunnels under the existing railways and highways by horizontal directional drilling.

3. Sinking of inclined shafts.

4. Construction of railway and road tunnels.

Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” builds collector tunnels of municipal and industrial use with tunneling machines at a depth of 15-40 m in the soils of categories of strength I-IV, construction and renovation of shafts in the existing buildings, punctures under the existing buildings and structures, roads for laying cables, small diameter pipes.

The company Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” builds vertical underground structures for various purposes: reservoirs, sumps, tanks for liquid fuels and refined products, recessed technological facilities, underground parts of water supply, sewerage and drainage pumping stations, chambers with large recess for engineering systems, mines of utilities and industry tunnels.

The enterprise has mastered a new progressive method of construction of vertical underground facilities – by the method of sunk well.

In Kharkov about 60 km of collector tunnels is built for different purposes (sewage and stormwater tunnels, water passages), including 47 km of sewer tunnels. In addition, the company built collector tunnels in the following cities of Ukraine: Odessa – sewage and stormwater collector tunnels, 9.5 km, Lvov – sewage tunnels, 7 km, Cherkassy – stormwater and sewage collectors, 12.4 km, Donetsk 0.7 km, Chernovtsy 3.2 km, Krivoy Rog 5.4 km, Vinnitsa 0.45 km.

In 2005, Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” was awarded a diploma and a commemorative sign “Leader of Construction and Architecture 2005”, in 2006 – a diploma and a commemorative sign “Leader of Goods and Services of Ukraine 2006” for significant contribution to the economic development of the state. Since June 2009, Private CJS SBAD “Tonnelstroy” is the general contractor of the construction of Alekseyevskaya subway line in Kharkov.

Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy” has a license to conduct the following activities:

  • erection of bearing and enclosing structures and buildings (for new construction, reconstruction and major repair, for usual conditions);
  • erection of bearing and enclosing structures and buildings;
  • areal drainage;
  • stabilization of soft soils;
  • tunneling works;
  • construction of tunnels and subways.

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Recently, the company has built 2.9 km of tunnels in the subway construction from the station “23 avgusta” to the station “Prospekt Pobedy” in Kharkov.



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