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Modern XXI

Director of LLC“Modern-XXI”   – Sergey Veniaminovich Kalmykov. 

The company “Modern-XXI” is one of the few companies that stood at the origins of window production. With over 15 years of experience in the market, today it is one of the largest manufacturers of wood, plastic and aluminum structures: windows, doors, front doors, façade and sliding systems.  

All products of the TM Modern are certified in accordance with the most stringent requirements of the construction and sanitary standards and GOSTs of Russia, Ukraine, as well as EU Directives.  

The company “Modern-XXI” also supplies products under the TM “Modern” in major European countries. Many residents of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Ireland had an opportunity to appreciate quality and a wide range of engineering and design solutions at their true worth.

The company “Modern-XXI” is one of the largest manufacturers of wood, plastic and aluminum structures: windows, doors, front doors, façade and sliding systems. Due to the modern high-tech equipment, as well as the use of modern technology, the company “Modern-XXI” has the ability to produce designs of any complexity. So far, the company is ready to offer a wide assortment of windows, both classical and of non-standard forms: arched, oblique, Hi-Tech, wood-aluminum structures. As of complex products, it includes façade structures and sliding systems with a different type of door opening: tilt-and-slide, up-and-slide, folding systems.

Implemented projects:

  • Gosprom, Kharkov;
  • “Mystetskiy Arsenal” (“Art Arsenal”), Kiev;
  • Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy, Kharkov;
  • Customs office of Ukraine – Russia “Goptovka”;
  • UkrainianAcademy of Railway Transport, Kharkov;
  • KharkovNational University of Radio Electronics, Kharkov;
  • Olympic Training Center “Aquarena”, Kharkov;
  • Shopping Center “Kosmos”, Kharkov;
  • Shopping Center “Atrium”, Kharkov;
  • Hypermarket of electronics “Mega Max”, Kharkov;
  • Cottage settlement “Mitino”, Moscow;
  • Cottage settlement “Petrovo Dalnoye”, Moscow;
  • Construction hypermarket “Budmen”, Kharkov;
  • Residential complexes of the company TMM in Kiev;
  • Residential complex “Garden Hill”, Kharkov;
  • Premium residential complex “House on the Riverside”, Kharkov;
  • ProductionCenter “Artek”, town Gurzuf, Crimea;
  • Ukrainian Industrial Energy Company (UIEC);
  • State Treasury in Kharkov region;
  • Business center at Poltavskiy Shlyakh, Kharkov;
  • International airport, Kharkov;
  • “Superior Golf Club”, Kharkov;
  • Reconstruction of the Historical Museum, Kharkov;
  • Hotel “Chichikov”, Kharkov;
  • BeautyCenter “Beatris”, Kharkov;
  • Hotel “Park Hotel”, Kharkov;
  • Restaurant “Fat Goose Pub”, Kharkov;
  • Building of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Kharkov;
  • Business residential complex “Axioma”, Kharkov;
  • And many other..


Our Products:


Quality Control

  • PVC Windows
  • Wooden windows
  • Multiple Glazed Units
  • Aluminum Window Systems
  • Façade Structures

Our Company’s specialists have developed and implemented an integrated Quality Control System (QCS).

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