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General Director  of PJSC “Yuzhspetsstroy”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Private JSC SBAD “Tonnelstroy”, member of the Supervisory Board of “KhBU”, Honored Builder of Ukraine – Nikolay Gavrilovich Shevyakin.

PJSC “Yuzhspetsstroy” operates since 1961 and is engaged in construction activities across the territory of Ukraine. To perform works, the organization has a staff of qualified employees and state licenses, which give the right to carry out these activities.

The structure of the company includes: its own concrete and asphalt plants, a construction lab, a special fleet of construction equipment, heavy trucks, production bases and warehouses, building and assembling department in Kremenchug and 3 building and assembling departments in Kharkov.

PJSC “Yuzhspetsstroy” performs a full range of construction works:

  • Functions of general contractor in the construction;
  • All types of excavation;
  • Design works;
  • All kinds of foundations;
  • Construction of shopping centers;
  • Construction of sports facilities, including ice arenas;
  • Construction of bridges;
  • Construction of tunnels;
  • Landslide-prevention activities with stabilization of unstable soils;
  • Solid building;
  • Construction of residential complexes, objects of metallurgical, machinery and other industrial enterprises;
  • Construction and reconstruction of roads;
  • Construction of hydraulic structures, reservoirs, dams;
  • Construction of unique water and sewage plants;
  • Installation of equipment;
  • Construction of pumping stations of all types;
  • Construction of dams, ponds, waterworks;
  • Construction of sunk wells of various diameters and depths;
  • Renovation and construction of oil refineries;
  • Repair and installation of slurry pipelines;
  • Construction of tailings;
  • Refurbishing of pipelines of large diameter;
  • Construction of gas pipelines and facilities for oil and gas processing;
  • Laying and repair of utilities and structures;
  • Construction of modern ventilated facades;
  • Implementation of landscaping and gardening works;
  • Installation of all kinds of piles: driven, bored and inclined;
  • Retaining walls by the method of secant piles.

The company PJSC “Yuzhspetsstroy” has a developed industrial base and experienced workers and engineering and technical personnel, a large fleet of vehicles and machinery, units for piles installation: drilling rigs BIS, Bauer BG 24, Klemm KP 802, and a set of equipment for pipeline rehabilitation.

The main activities of “Yuzhspetsstroy” are: industrial construction, residential construction, public works (construction of sewers, laying of water supply, construction of engineering networks, sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations), construction of shopping centers, construction of modern solid waste landfills, road construction and improvement.

For several decades, the company occupies a leading position in Ukraine, differing with its reliability and stability. Reputation of PJSC “Yuzhspetsstroy” is confirmed by the erection of complex and economically significant objects, such as: reconstruction of Shebelinskiy gas processing plant (Kharkov region) together with the firm “BASIC SYSTEMS Inc.” (USA), Poltavskiy mining plant, Kremenchugskiy refinery, water supply and sewage of Kharkov; water supply system of Dergachi, treatment facilities in Kharkov, works on the construction of starting section III of line III of Kharkov subway; plant of building materials of the company Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine) in Balakleya; solid waste landfill in Kharkov, construction of a dealership “Nissan”; construction of a shopping complex “MegaMax”, reconstruction of “Metallist” stadium, reconstruction of the International Checkpoint “Goptovka”; construction of a new sports arena with artificial ice in Druzhkovka of Donetsk region; complex foundations on the basis of inclined piles at a site in Kharkov, construction of multi-functional complexes in Kharkov; installation of foundations for wind power plants in Krasnodon, Lugansk region, construction of an oil extraction plant in Chuguyev, Kharkov region, reconstruction of “Rogan” Brewery in Kharkov.

Time-tested cooperation of the company with leading domestic and foreign enterprises in the construction industry provides the construction company PJSC “Yuzhspetsstroy” with leading positions in the future. Together with our partners we care about the superiority of our services in the construction market of Ukraine and abroad.



Ukraine, Kharkov, 61010,

2 Malomyasnitskaya Str.

Tel.: +38 (057) 719-46-72,

Fax: +38 (057) 719-42-65