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General Director, member of the Supervisory Board of “KhBU” – Igor Petrovich Getmanenko

PJSC “Kharkovstalkonstruktsiya” was established in 1966. The company performs a full range of construction activities with the “turn-key” commissioning, namely:

  • installation of foundations of various types for equipment, buildings and structures;
  • reconstruction of bridges by prestressing of structures;
  • steel erection of precast concrete for industrial and civilian objects, including unique ones;
  • erection of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings: shops, gas stations and other social facilities with the installation of equipment and utilities, with finish under the European standards;
  • making structures and buildings of reinforced concrete.

The company has the opportunity of making 9,000 m3 of reinforced concrete, as well as fabrication and installation of 600 or more tons of steel on its own during the year.

PJSC “Kharkovstalkonstruktsiya” manufactures and assembles mobile stations with a height of 40, 50 or more meters and other tube structures, masts and towers.

For the first time in Ukraine, experts of PJSC “Kharkovstalkonstruktsiya”, when installing especially complex engineering high-rise buildings in cramped conditions of the existing production, used helicopters, with the help of which more than 30 facilities were installed: TV towers in Kharkov (243 m), Lozovaya (150 m), Kupyansk (150 m), etc.

In addition, the company’s staff assembled hundreds of tanks for different purposes with the volume of up to 50,000 m3, mixing departments, exhaust pipes with a diameter of 4 meters and a height of 100-150 meters, electric poles, frames for the departments of all industries, and other complex engineering structures: sports arena in Sumy, sports complex “Lokomotiv” in Kharkov, hanging bridge over the river Severskiy Donets in Izum, etc.

With the assistance of PJSC “Kharkovstalkonstruktsiya”, the largest facilities were built: Dneprodzerzhinskiy steel mill, Makeyevskiy hardware plant, Poltavskiy mining plant, Cherkasskiy nitrogen plant, Kaluzhskiy chemical plant, Kharkovskiy tractor plant, Lozovskoy forging-mechanical plant, Kremenchugskiy refinery, Shebelinsky gas processing plant, Gorkovskiy automobile plant, Nikolayevskiy alumina refinery, sugar mills and other enterprises.

Over the past few years, “Kharkovstalkonstruktsiya” has more than 30 projects: both completed and in the process of building.



Ukraine, Kharkov, 61010,

2 Malomyasnitskaya Str.

Tel.: +38 (057) 700-56-25,

Fax: +38 (057) 700-56-24