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The company LLC “Alliance-Development” was established in early 2007 for the successful management and implementation of projects of residential and commercial real estate.

The Company manages investment projects of residential and commercial properties in all stages of their development, including concept development, analysis and design of land, management of design, construction, implementation and operation of real estate.

The company “Alliance-Development” has highly qualified professionals with experience in the real estate for at least 15 years, which allows successful implementation of all projects with high quality and on time.

Thus, the principle of the company “Alliance-Development” is high professionalism of its employees, reliability and performance, as well as unconditional fulfillment of its obligations.

The company “Alliance-Development” is always open to cooperation and will help potential investors to get the best return on investment in investment and construction projects.

The company “Alliance-Development” provides a full range of services necessary for the successful implementation of investment projects:

  • Selection and registration of land plots for future construction;  
  • Development of the concept of real estate construction (marketing concept of project, pre-design, pre-construction budget);
  • Analysis and evaluation of the economic efficiency of investment projects, making business plans with possible involvement of funding, development of the most favorable financing schemes;
  • Marketing services: market research, analysis of the best and most efficient use of land and other real estate, analysis and forecast of the development of various segments of the real estate market, etc.;
  • Obtaining permits and approvals in the city and region authorities;
  • Organization of financing of investment projects (credit agreements, registration and re-registration of pledges, loans, etc.);
  • Selection of general designer and general contractor by tender;
  • Development of draft projects (monitoring the compliance with design and funding schedules), submission of documentation for obtaining approvals in conjunction with project organization, obtaining positive assessments of examinations;
  • Technical supervision over construction, monitoring construction and funding schedules;
  • Operational management of projects involving: maintenance of financial and project accounting, preparation of monthly reports and budgets, as well as legal support;
  • Development of the system of real estate sales, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, promotion of real estate on the market;
  • Organization of sales, lease of residential and commercial real estate;
  • Commissioning of properties, obtaining legal documentation;
  • Organization of real estate operation, selection of operating company by tender.

The principle of the company “Alliance-Development” is high professionalism of its employees, reliability and performance, as well as unconditional fulfillment of its obligations.

Our projects:

  • Premium residential house at 7 Chernyshevskaya Str.
  • Shopping Center “Atrium” at 102 Sumskaya Str.
  • Administrative center at 3 Novgorodskaya Str.
  • Premium residential house “House on the Riverside” at 1 Bannyi Lane
  • Business residential house “Axioma” at 9 Lenina Ave.



Ukraine, Kharkov 61010,

2 Malomyasnitskaya Str.

Tel.: (057) 700-56-25,

Fax: (057) 700-56-24