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Various-Purpose Tunnels


Kharkov about 60 km of Ø2 – Ø4 m various-purpose manifold tunnels constructed (sewer and stormwater tunnels, water ducts), including 47 km of sewage tunnels.
Odessa Ø2,56 sewage and stormwater manifold tunnels –9,5 km
Lvov Ø3,2 sewage tunnels – 7 km
Cherkassy Ø2,56, Ø3,2 sewage and stormwater tunnels – 12,4 km
Donetsk manifold tunnels - 0,7 km
Chernovtsy 33,2 km – Ø2,56 sewage tunnels
Krivoi Rog 5,4 km – Ø2,56 sewage tunnels
Vinnitsa 0,45 km – Ø2,56 sewage tunnels

CHAO SSMU "Tonnelstroy" is working to redundant construction of the Main collector in Kharkiv, where the work is done by shield tunnelling, construction of the shafts of the collector of the mountain and drop method, the arrangement of the shafts at the time of operation, installation of valves, cylinders.
Since 2009, our organization is the General contractor for the construction of the Kharkiv metro, in 2010, was built and put into operation the site from the metro station "23 August" station "Alekseevskaya". Currently working on the construction of the body of the station "Pr.Pobedy", as has been already installed track facilities from station "Alekseevskaya" to the border stations under construction, built and installed equipment STP.
As of may 2015 construction readiness of the new station subject to reversal stubs is about 73%.