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Services and Lines of Activity

Yuzhspetsstroy OJSC performs the entire scope of construction works:

  • Acting as a general contractor in construction;
  • Engineering and design works;
  • Building all types if foundation and earthwork;
  • Soil injection;
  • Landslide control with unstable soil stabilization with injection anchors, sheet piling, building of retaining walls, drainage systems etc.;
  • Monolithic construction;
  • Construction of facilities for steelworks, machine building and other industrial enterprises;
  • Highway construction and reconstruction;
  • Construction of hydraulic engineering structures, water storage reservoir and dams;
  • Construction of environment protection facilities;
  • Water drawdown;
  • Construction of unique water supply and sewerage stations;
  • Refurbishment of big-diameter pipelines;
  • Construction of gas pipelines and oil and gas processing complexes;
  • Utility systems and facilities laying and repair;
  • Works in landscaping and amenity planting.

The above works can be performed both in normal and complicated hydrogeological conditions.


During the period of its activity, the Company constructed many complicated and economically important objects in various industry segments:

Industrial Construction

There are few construction companies capable of qualitative execution of a complex industrial order within the shortest possible period of time, without suspension of production. At Energomashspetsstal OJSC in Kramatorsk, the Company performed complex and unique work in construction of a grout cutoff curtain using a pile sheeting of contiguous bored injected piles in operating production conditions. This work resulted in diverting of ground water from the pit being excavated, which enabled considerable reduction of the Customer’s expenses for arrangement of artificial water drawdown.
Yuzhspetsstroy OJSC is a contractor in such industrial projects:
  • Unleaded Gasoline Plant, Shebelinka, Kharkov Oblast.
  • Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine Building Materials Plant in Balakleya, Kharkov Oblast.
  • Participation in renovation of Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant.
  • Reconstruction of a press shop of Energomashspetsstal OJSC, Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast.

Municipal Construction


Yuzhspetsstroy OJSC provides unique integrated solutions for such challenges as construction of sewerage, water pipeline laying, construction of utility systems, sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations. The competent and high-quality installation of utility systems is an insurance of long-term operation of housing and industrial facilities.
  • Water supply networks, Kharkov
  • Sewage networks, Kharkov
  • Kochetok – Kharkov water conduit refurbishment
  • Renovation of Metallist Stadium utility systems
  • Construction of a new metro line in Kharkov
  • Construction of a main back-up sewage collector
  • Works in renovation of pressure sewage collector, Krasnograd
  • Construction of water conduit in the town of Dergachi.

Environment Protection Construction

The probelm of solid waste treatment is of pressing nowadays. The growing volume of solid domestic waste results in environmental deterioration, it worsens people’s living conditions. Construction of modern domestic solid garbage dumps is a positive factor, as it prevents overfilling of existing dumps, creation of unauthorized dumps in forest belts, along roads etc.
  • Landslide protection facilities in Kupiansk.
  • Landslide protection facilities in Kochetok.
  • Mechanical sludge dewatering shop of Bezliudovka Sewage Treatment Plant, Kharkov.
  • Construction of a domestic solid garbage dump, Kharkov.

Housing Construction

A large construction company must comply with definite requirements of modern business, though sometimes rather stringent. Construction of residential buildings and construction of monolithic buildings leave trace on the work: we endeavor to provide customers with the best service and unlimited choice of opportunities. Our plant producing ready-mixed concrete and grout provides for uninterrupted supply of concrete and grout of all grades to construction sites, and modern technologies of concrete placement using concrete pumps and concrete forms enable work performance in the shortest periods.
  • Residential building at 7/9, Chernyshevskaya Street
  • Residential building in Banny Street
  • Engineering and renovation of KhNADU hostel as housing buildings
  • Construction of a new KhNADU educational building

Construction of Retail Centers

Currently, the Company is active in this sector. As a rule, public buildings are situated in densely populated areas. Availability of modern plants for installation of auger piles, root piles and building of «cast-in-place trench walls», concrete pumps, special equipment, enables quick and efficient construction of piled foundations, increase in soil bearing capacity, erection of cost-effective enclosing structures constructions of the walls of the underground structures in space-limited environment of a city center.
  • Atrium Retail Center at 102, Sumskaya Street
  • Mega-Max Retail Center at 165, Gagarin Ave.
  • NISSAN Automobile Dealership, 185, Gagarin Ave.
  • Novaya Liniya Retail Center, Gagarin Ave. – Merefa Highway intersection.
  • Construction and installation works at construction of Magellan Retail and Entertainment Complex

Highway Construction, Improvement

Yuzhspetsstroy OJSC specialists carry out the entire spectrum of road works in a quick and high quality manner: road construction and road pavement repair, asphalt laying, and paving slab laying, amenity planting, landscaping. Availability of the Company’s own asphalt coating plant makes it possible to supply asphalt of all grades, and the new road-building machinery allows the road construction and repair within the shortest periods.
  • Renewal of Lenin Ave.
  • Renewal of Saltovskoye Shosse (highway)
  • Reconstruction of Derzhavinskaya Street
  • Renewal of Mekhanizatorskaya Street
  • Renewal of Verinskaya Street
  • Renewal of Rudnev Square
  • Renewal of 50 let SSSR and 50 let VLKSM intersection
  • Renewal of Serpovaya Street and many other roads in Kharkov