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KhSK JSC performs the full complex of construction and installation works with the turnkey facility commissioning:

  • carries out works in construction of foundations of various types for equipment, buildings and structures;
  • carries out works in reconstruction of bridges by means of pretensioning of the structures;
  • carries out works in: erection of steelworks and prefabricated reinforced concrete at unique industrial and civil facilities;
  • carries out works in erection of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and constructions (shops, refuelling station, and other facilities of the social sphere with installation of equipment and utility systems, with decoration in accordance with European standards;
  • carries out works in installation of buildings and structures made of cast in-situ reinforced concrete (a residential building in Chernyshevskaya Street, office building at 102, Sumskaya Street, Kharkov).
  • is a manufacturer of masts, towers, small-height tubular mobile communication masts, and performs the full complex of works in fabrication and installation of basic mobile communication stations 40m, 50m and higher.

For the first time in Ukraine, when installing extra complex high-rise engineering structures in constraint environment of an operating production, KhSK JSC used helicopters for installation of more than 30 facilities: TV aerials in Kharkov, Lozovaya; exhaust pipes in Cherkassy, Sumy, Dneprodzerzhinsk; TV masts; replacement of spark arresters on foundry shops; roof replacement on operating enterprises.

KharkovStalKonstruktsia JSC is capable of carrying out using its own resources within a year:

  • Works in installation of 12 000m3 of monolithic concrete;
  • Fabrication and erection of 2 500 t of steelworks;
  • Execute civil construction works for the amount of 20 000 ths. UAH.

The following largest projects were constructed with the participation of KhSK JSC:

  • Dneprodzerzhinsk Integrated Iron-and-Steel Works,
  • Makeyevka Hardware Plant,
  • Poltava Mining-and-Processing Integrated Works,
  • Sumy Chemical Fertilizer Plant,
  • Cherkassy Nitrogen Integrated works,
  • Kaluga Chemical Integrated Works;
  • Kharkov Tractor Plant,
  • Kharkov Tractor Engine Plant,
  • Lozovaya Forging-Mechanical Plant,
  • Kupyansk Foundry,
  • Kremenchug Oil-Processing Plant,
  • Shebelinka Gas Processing Plant,
  • Kremenchug Automobile Plant,
  • Gorky Automobile Plant,
  • Nikolayev Alumina Plant,
  • sugar factories etc.

KHSK JSC’s specialists installed:

  • hundreds of various-purpose reservoirs with a capacity of 50 000m3 inclusive;
  • wet and dry gasholders with a capacity of 5 000m3;
  • mixer department,
  • exhaust pipes up to 4m in diameter, 100-150m high,
  • TV aerials: Kharkov 243 m, Kupyansk – 150m, Lozovaya - 150m etc.,
  • masts up to 340 m high,
  • power transmission line supports,
  • frames of workshops for all industry branches

and many other complex engineering structures, such as: Spartak Stadium, a sports exercising area in Sumy, Metallist and Lokomotiv Stadiums in Kharkov, a suspended bridge over the Severskiy Donets River in Izium.